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Ashante Blackwood (Artisticlifestyle6) is a 26-year-old fine artist based in Toronto. She specializes in portraits and concept art; her work captures the beauty and struggles of her culture and the process of her growing up insecure about things that identify her as a black woman. The bodies of work produced tell a story of her finding her purpose and finally learning to embrace as well love the features that make her the highest level of beauty from her ancestors. Ashante is a very versatile artist who not only works on canvas, but she also works on clothing, shoe, mural, wood, and various other materials. She fell in love with art back in high school and continued into her college years, when she got accepted into all the college, she had applied to she then decided to study at Humber College for their Visual and Digital Arts Program for 2 years. She’s been crafting and working in the field of an artist full time for about 3 years now. Before the journey of becoming an entrepreneur, she worked at jobs like Scarborough Arts as a Gallery Assistant. Ashante has put on as well as showcase her work in multiple shows in Toronto as well as internationally. She has put on events as well as hosted in art galas, exhibitions, and event Live Painting. In 2018 she won best visual artist in the #1 Canadian black magazine as well as had her first solo exhibition in 2019 in her hometown Scarborough where her art was showcased for 3 months. Since then, she has worked with big brands like YouTube and Opus on paid projects, as well as go viral on tiktok and hit almost 3 million views on her art work video. She gained over 100k new followers in 2 days which was amazing!

 The Artistic Lifestyle brand is a multi-faceted art-based company that was established by Ashante Blackwood in Toronto, Canada in 2017.. Ashante has expanded her brand wherein she now has four additional streams, Apparel, Home Decor, Custom Artwork, and Paint nights. With this, her brand has surpassed way beyond just canvas art.. Her goal is to one day open her own gallery/space for art, fashion, music, and events to showcase Toronto’s greatest undermined talent

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