Ashante Blackwood(Artisticlifestyle)is a 25-year-old fine artist based in Toronto. The Artistic Lifestyle brand is a multi-faceted art-based company that was established by Ashante Blackwood in Toronto, Canada in 2017. Ashante Blackwood is a young artist that aspired to make her art touch and inspire black lives. Her company promotes black empowerment and visibility through elegantly hand-painted artwork. Each piece of artwork illustrates the beauty and struggle black bodies have often faced throughout life. Representation of these black bodies seen in various artwork seeks to remind them of the power they possess and shows its viewers that they too, can be famous pieces of art. Ashante has expanded her brand wherein she now has four additional streams, Apparel, Home Decor, Custom Artwork, and Paint nights. With this, her brand has surpassed way beyond just canvas art