"He Caught Me When I Was Falling"

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This piece is one of my new favorites, I was so inspired by this piece I couldn’t move until I was done. In the last two years I got to experience what most people wait a lifetime to find, I found the love of my life. I’ve been single my whole life because I was always the “good friend” or the “big darkskin girl” So being a darkskin and thick women in a time when the trend was size zero and lighter complexion was an instant defeat. My partner came in my life at the perfect timing to show me that I bring so much to the table and more. There’s nothing better than the feeling of being loved for who you are and receiving the attention you deserve. Sometimes you must speak and manifest your dreams and goals to achieve as well as receive them.



“My love is his and his is mine”-Erykah Badu

"He Caught Me When I Was Falling" Poster Prints

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